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Pancakes and French Press

Like most grad students I know, we don’t often eat breakfast.  If we do grab something, it usually means that we’ll quickly eat a slice of bread (at least it’s homemade!) and drink some coffee before running out the door. This last Sunday, though, I decided to take advantage of a cool and overcast morning and make some pancakes, topped with bananas and some lovely apple butter from my favorite  local orchard.

As mentioned above, coffee is usually a staple throughout our day; our dependence on it probably deserves its own post.  Unfortunately: our wonderful coffee maker has stopped working recently.

Fortunately: we have a French press.

Making coffee in the French press is certainly easy enough: add three and a half coffee scoops of ground coffee to the press, cover with HOT water (almost boiling), and press down. Let the coffee steep for about 3 minutes, and enjoy! I also love the fact I can take the press out to our coffee table, which is perfect for our Chelsea mornings!

While the French press might not be as convenient as our regular coffee maker, it makes great coffee.  And its four-cup capacity is the perfect size for the two of us..which helps us fight against our coffee addiction that the ten-cup coffee maker was certainly feeding!

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