Monthly Archives: August 2012

A New Beginning

This post has been a long time coming for a number of reasons. First off, our lack of posts since Christmas isn’t because we’ve had enough to do; that’s certainly not the case. Since our last post, Natalia has finished law school and taken the bar exam. Meanwhile, I’ve been working and planning for this fall, when I will begin my doctorate program in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. What this means, is that Natalia and I will be moving, tomorrow morning actually, to Milwaukee and to the next chapter of our life.

This was by no means an easy decision to make, but after many conversations between each other and our family, we both felt that Milwaukee was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up at this time. It’s tough leaving home. Physically, moving is much more demanding than I had previously thought, but it’s the emotional aspect that took me most by surprise. It’s weird leaving the only place where you’ve ever called home and moving to a place where you don’t know a lot of people. Fortunately, we’re not too far from our hometown and all of our friends and families. And that’s who this post is dedicated to. Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful memories that we’ve had in Minnesota. Thank you for all the smiles, laughs, drinks, and meals we’ve shared together over the years. Thank you for your kindness, your prayers, your support, and your love. We can’t wait to come back to Minnesota after we’re done here so we can catch up on all of the lost time. Thank you, from Apartment #6.