The Beginning!

This is our first blog post-ever! Well, at least it’s our first blog together. Other than a collection of high school assignments or cynical attempts at writing, neither of us has made a concerted effort to sit the hell down and write out our thoughts. After we tried to do that, we thought it would probably be better just to write about our cooking attempts and see where that takes us. As we talked about the project though, we quickly began to realize how important cooking and food is in our lives.

A shared love for P.F. Chang's was all it took to bring these two together. That and scotch eggs.

We are fortunate enough to live in a great city like Minneapolis that offers incredible high-end restaurants, low-end joints, and everything in-between. This city is incredible, but sometimes cooking at home can yield the most lasting results. We’ve found that the myriad of delicious, locally-sourced restaurants has inspired us to try new cuisines, techniques, and even new flavors (we’re both recent converts to the pickle). This desire to flex our culinary muscle-nascent as it is-has caused our brain muscles to grow and seek out new ideas on life, literature, film, and booze. Lots of booze.

Science shows graduate students NEED booze to get through the average Tuesday.

Having said that, we will try to keep this blog germane to a short list of things: food, drinks, local restaurants, culture (including Talia’s favorite: shopping), and heavy matters like religion and politics. Or not so much the last two; who knows, it’s a crazy world in which we live.

Let us know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or recipe ideas below and we hope you enjoy this blog as much as we think we like writing for it.


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